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Have you seen pictures of normal non-sexual breasts?

A huge proportion of Australian women are not happy with their breasts - most of them only because the warped media images make them feel they "should" have big and perky breasts with an adolescent-type small nipple and areola.  To reassure you that there is no reason to worry, these breast pictures are here to let you see normal breasts - big, small, sagging, asymmetrical; big areolas or nipples.  Truly, female breasts come in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

In fact, having asymmetrical breasts, where one is bigger than the other, is very very common.  Also as we all know, size varies a lot.  Some women have practically a flat chest, but even they can breastfeed just fine, which is what the breasts are for anyway.  Some have more of a bust, and the mere weight of the breasts can cause them backaches.  According to statistics published in the Journal for Sex Research (vol. 24, pp. 177-183), almost 60% of women have the bra cup size of A or B (A-cup 15%, B-44%, C-28%, D-10%).  Of course, the size is not constant but varies with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and during the menstrual cycle.

Many young people growing up never see what normal natural breasts look like, and influenced by the media, think they have to stand nearly upright.  Women are caused to think that the pert big breasts are ideal and so many women (almost 240,000 in the year 2002 according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons) opt for breast implants to 'correct' their breasts.  Most teenage girls worry and fret over their breast development, some even to the point of suicide - which is a very sad comment on how American culture is influencing young people.

While young adolescent immature breasts do usually have a perky look, the mature breast (one that has gone through the changes during pregnancy & breastfeeding) often assumes more of a hanging position.  And even if you never become pregnant, your breasts will eventually (usually during peri-menopause or menopause) undergo a process called breast involution, where the glandular and connective tissue is replaced by fat tissue.  It actually is easier to have your baby nursing on your lap when your breasts aren't pointing high up in the air in their perkiness.  Even for health's sake we should not wish that women's breasts stay firm and perky - studies have shown that denser breasts (those with less fatty tissue) are associated with higher breast cancer risk.

Friend, breasts were designed to feed babies - not to be an inherently sexual organ.  Obviously the act of human reproduction can be accomplished without them.  Just in comparison, do you think a cow is interested in the female one's udder when it wants to mate?  Or do you think that puppies latching on to their mother's nipples is a sexual activity?  It is just that we have been taught by our parents to consider breasts as something to be hidden, as a sexual body part, and the media and advertisements present them as so - instead of emphasizing and pointing out, "Hey, here are the parts that produce milk to babies, see how cute, the mother feeds the baby!

Consider the fact that about 100 years ago women's ankles turned men on.  And tiny feet were a fetish for Chinese men in times past.  All kinds of parts of female body have been inspiring to men during history and in various cultures, so we ask you to consider that breasts simply have been turned into a similar fetish in US society and others influenced by it.  Anatomically or physiologically there is nothing in the breast to make a part in human procreation or to be especially arousing in men's sight.  Nipples are not by nature a special erogenous body part - unless you think so.  All this is just the image created by television, magazines and the surrounding culture that almost everybody in the USA believes.

Of course anything on the human body can be sexual if used that way, and it is up to the couple what they do during their intimate moments, which body parts they touch or caress.  We are just emphasizing that breasts are not inherently sexually arousing.  The greatest sexual organ is the brain.  Human beings can get aroused by about anything if the brain is in it, depending on their beliefs, experiences, and state of mind.

Now, breasts are of course a feminine body part.  Just like long hair and curved hips, they signal that a person is of the female sex.  It is just fine and commendable that men view female breasts as feminine, as something that accentuates that the girl or woman has matured and is capable of feeding her children as God intended.  There is nothing wrong if men and boys appreciate breasts for their real purpose and see them as 'sexual' in the sense of 'pertaining to the feminine sex, something making the person very much female, a woman, a MOTHER who can feed her children'.



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We present this Gallery with typical female (and male) breasts
so women can quit worrying about their breast size and how theirs look like as compared to other women!

  As you can see, there are lots of variations - all are normal.

1) Women who have not been pregnant:

immature breasts of young woman
Small breasts of a 25-year old. She got stretch marks in her breasts during her quick development in puberty but they are very faint and not visible in the photo.   Fairly large, sagging breasts of a 21-year old woman. She has not been pregnant.  Big breasts often begin to droop earlier because they simply weigh more.  Young immature breasts of a 20-year old.  She has not been pregnant.
female breasts tubular hypoplastic small breasts young woman's breasts
Breasts of a middle-aged woman who has not had children. These small breasts are widely spaced, have a 'tubular' or tuberous shape, and are narrow at the chest wall.  There is little glandular tissue, so unfortunately women with these kind of hypoplastic tubular breasts often have milk supply problems and need to supplement with formula. She's a young woman of 20 years of age - no children yet.


drooping breasts of a 20-year old who lost weight saggy breasts with strech marks and acne of a 25-year old
This woman's in her early 20s, and her breasts started drooping after she lost a lot of weight. She also went from D-cup to B-cup. This lady is 25 years old. Her breasts have always been saggy and had stretch marks. Your website is so empowering, I just have to take part in it!
I'm 18, C cup.
18, never been pregnant, never breast fed. Bra size 34 B    

 2) Women who have been pregnant (and most have breastfed)

lactating breasts breastfeeding woman's lopsided breasts
Nursing mom's best tools and baby's best friends. The areola is big and dark - the normal change during pregnancy. These sagging breasts belong to a lady who is currently breastfeeding.
Notice the big areola.  The breasts became quite lopsided during nursing - the baby liked left breast more.
These small breasts with stretch marks have fed seven children - and the youngest one continues to nurse at four years old. Click on pic to see larger version.
small breast flat chested woman woman's breasts that sag
This lady with small breasts had a high-risk pregnancy due to heart problems and had to stay in bed in the hospital most of the time.  The baby was premature, but did just fine - with the help of her milk. Here we see a lady with nearly flat chest and small areola. She breastfed all three of her children with no problems.

These breasts of a woman in her 50s have assumed their lower position.  Back when she had kids, bottle-feeding was the norm and she didn't understand breast being better.

breasts with tanline asymmetrical female breasts breasts with small areola
A middle-aged woman with middle-sized breasts. Big drooping breasts, and again asymmetrical -  that is SO common! This lady has nursed three babies, last one past two years of age. Her breasts were bigger before the pregnancies but she likes this size since she can go braless and no one notices.
drooping breasts mature breasts of woman large areola
This woman had very small breasts until pregnancy and nursing.  She has breastfed two babies. Mature droopy breasts.  The large areola is due to the breast changes during pregnancy. The same woman as on the left - here after her second pregnancy, currently breastfeeding.
pendulous sagging breasts average size breasts with erect nipples left breast bigger
Large pendulous breasts - typical... and normal. Ladies, quit worrying about your breast size  and shape.  It doesn't determine what you are as a person - and that's what counts, right? Just kind of average size breasts, with erect nipples that are not centered.  She breastfed two babies for 2 years with no problems.  There is a a biopsy scar on the right breast. A middle-aged woman who has breastfed 4 babies. A small areola and small nipples - which is normal variation just like big areola and big nipples.
drooping reasts different size areolas unsymmetrical breasts
These drooping breasts, where one is hanging a little lower than the other, belong to a nursing lady. Symmetrical breasts with erect nipples and small areolas that are not the same shape. Here areola size is typical for after-pregnancy breasts - not the small adolescent areola in supermodels (and models don't have freckles on their chest, either).  This woman has nursed both of her babies.
lopsided breasts
This lady has nursed 6.5 years non-stop. The youngest one at 2 years has no interest in the left breast at all, so it is very, very small compared to the right breast. I'm 25 years old and I have two kids but never breast feed. My bra size is a "C". I love the way they look

Photo 1

Photo 2


Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

I am a 35 year old mother of two who has never breast fed or had any type of surgeries. I am a natural size 38C.    

And... lastly pictures of men's breasts.

breasts of young man breasts of overweight man  
What's this? you may ask.  Men have breasts and nipples too! And their nipples don't really look that much different from female ones. Imagine this guy without his hair - and you could think he was a lady with small breasts.  But do people think his breasts are something sexual?  

You will also find breast pictures arranged according to cup size at Breast size & shape at These pictures appear to be mostly of younger women (judging from appearance).

Another option for photos is to visit any breast augmentation/plastic surgery website, and see the BEFORE operation pictures.  To me, the after operation breasts look like they were painfully swollen, as if ready to burst open, and artificially 'round' to the point of looking like a huge ball inside the chest.

Check also Breast Care FAQ - Breast Size, Shape and Appearance. And here's a link if you'd like to see abnormal breasts (breast anomalies/deformities).

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